Adding Exercise to Your Daily Routine

Exercising is important for everyone at every age. Later in life, it may be difficult to recreate the long-distance jogging or weightlifting abilities from yesteryear, but that is certainly no excuse to give up on exercise.

Workouts come in all shapes and sizes. Some are meant to test your limits, while others are a fun-filled way to break a sweat. Make one of these great workouts a part of your exercise routine:

Using fitness center equipment

Visiting the fitness center, with its cardio machines and weightlifting equipment, is the first choice for many that want to get back into shape. But more important than showing up is knowing what you want to do when you arrive. Going to a fitness center is like going to the store. If you show up without a list or a plan, you could spend most of your time wandering around debating your options, and you might end up leaving without accomplishing much. Have a chat with a personal trainer, an athletic friend, or do some online research on fitness center equipment before you visit.

Swimming and water aerobics

The swimming pool is often considered a place for recreation rather than working out, but being submerged in water provides resistance to create a beneficial workout. Swimming laps and participating in a water aerobics class are two great ways get a water workout. If you are recovering from a sport related injury, simple water aerobic exercises may be recommended by your therapist because of the buoyant support muscles receive in the water.


Whether you’re learning a new dance or revisiting an old favorite, getting your feet moving is what’s important. Taking a class is a great way to get started, but some spontaneity would be an exciting surprise. Throw on some music in a common area and invite your neighbors. It’s sure to be a good time!

Scheduled walking

Going for a walk can be relaxing, and it’s one of the most underrated workouts. Schedule a time everyday to take a walk of 1, 2, 3, or more miles to create a consistent muscle strengthening activity. Regular walking adds up, and including these miles in your routine is an effective way to burn calories and keep the body active. You may even build up the desire to begin running.


Choosing a workout you enjoy is the first step, but implementing it into your regular routine is the difficult part. It’s easy to skip a day, but try to stay disciplined. Once an activity becomes a part of your routine, you’ll develop a new level of stamina that will leave you happy, healthy, and active. If you have certain medical conditions, you may want to talk to your doctor before you start a new exercise routine. For more great workout options to add to your routine, visit